Could this be the next Galaxy Fold? Samsung hint at wearable Smartphone for your wrists.

Less than a month from one of the most exciting launches in mobile history (Samsung’s Galaxy Fold), the tech giant are outdoing themselves, dropping hints of smartphones that look like they’re straight out of science fiction novels.

samsung bendable wrist smartphone

The South Korea-based smartphone giant is taking malleable displays to a whole new level, promoting their ambitions for bendable phone displays.

A patent filed by Samsung last year with the World Intellectual Property Organisation was published a few days ago, depicting displays that can be worn around the wrist, allowing a smartphone to replace the smartwatch as an all in one alternative.

samsung wearable smartphone with flexible display

According to the filings, the smartphone will be fitted with magnets at either end to allow the device to keep its shape when curved, and the camera will be on one side of a sliding mechanism.

Tech Blog LetsGoDigital, have created renders based on the patent, suggesting the rear of the bendable smartphone will be fitted with flexible elastic plates constructed from stainless steel. The movement of these plates will come from a number of small links to give the phone its ability to bend.

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