Folia App for BlackBerry Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60.

Folia is an app providing a professional way to share documents for feedback and discussion. Promising to remove the need for printing,  lengthy email threads, this state of the art annotation and commenting tools enable deep conversations, so you can be more effective with your content.

folia app folia app folia app

Folia’s advanced annotation features improve productivity and communication. Here are a just a few ways you can use Folia in your enterprise:

  • Invite meeting participants to take notes on a workspace together.
  • Lead a real-time presentation on a browser while marking it up on the phone.
  • Share a workspace with a client, then respond to their comments right inside Folia.

Folia works on iOS, Android and the web. But the guys over at BlackBerry remind us that you’ll find the most secure and productive Folia experience on BlackBerry’s secure Android devices, PRIVDTEK50 and now DTEK60.

All of these handsets have built in security that promises to deliver prevention over apprehension.  BlackBerry’s established hardware root of trust and a hardened Linux kernel will lock down the device, whilst regular Android updates that patch security bugs faster than any other Android device maker ensure your security.

Purchase the PRIVDTEK50 and now DTEK60 for a secure Folia experience today.


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