Free Portable Charger with the Lumia 640 and 640XL

The Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL have never looked so appealing thanks to our latest offer. Receive a feee Portable Dual Charger* with your purchase (shipped separately, Ts&Cs apply).

Free Microsoft Portable Dual Chargers

Offering a huge charging capacity, the Microsoft Portable Dual Chargers lets you use your phone or tablet without the worry or diminishing battery life. With a charge just as fast as a wall charger, even a quick blast of power will set you up for more time with your device.

The chargers also offer 2 standard USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone and your tablet simultaneously. You can power up a wide range of devices without buying new charging cables because both ports have the standard USB interface.

Here’s the Specs for the Portable Dual Chargers:

  • Charging connectors: Micro-USB, 2 x USB
  • Battery capacity3: 9000 mAh
  • Charger output current: 2100 mA
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Height1: 68.5 mm
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Weight2: 215 g

If you need reminding of the power of the Luima 640 check out Microsoft’s official video below:

Order the Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL today to receive a free portable charger.

*The Microsoft Lumia 640 will receive Charger model DC 32. The Lumia 640XL will receive charger model DC 34.

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