Getting to Grips with New BlackBerry 10 Operating System

The new Blackberry 10 operating system is the new OS  from RIM. It’s sleek, intuitive and it’s been a long time coming for all those die hard Blackberry fans who have patiently awaited the arrival of a modern operating system. The OS has some excellent features, some of which will be familiar to Apple or Android users, plus it has added some great tools of its own.

The polished system is touchscreen based and for those used to this kind of system will find it reasonably easy to start working out how to use the handset it’s loaded on to. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this overhaul and fans will not be disappointed. When they come to use the system they will find one which is fluid and pretty smart too. To work your way around the features of your phone you will be using gestures. These are simple movements with your thumb or fingers that are used to navigate and interact with apps and features.


Practice Makes Perfect

A with all new operating systems it may take you a while to get to grips with Blackberry 10. This is especially true if you have not yet experienced any other similar system such as those found on Android or Apple handsets. You can use the device with just one hand (depending on how small your hands are and the size of the handset itself). While the phone sits in your palm it’s possible to operate the handset using your fingers or thumb on the same hand.


To wake up your phone you need to slowly swipe the screen upwards. When you swipe to the right you will be shown your various apps. If you want to open an app you can click on it and to close an app you need to pull up from the bottom of the screen. This gesture minimises the app and stores it on your phone until you fully close the application. This gesture allows you to have up to eight open apps at any one time. You can find and select which open app you wish to use by swiping to the left on the home screen.


Visiting the Hub

Blackberry Hub is found by swiping left once more. Blackberry Hub is the centre of your communication. You will find details of missed calls, your email messages and any other information that you select to be included such as Social Media updates. The Hub has been made very accessible as it’s possible to use one gesture from any screen to open it. The home screens are fully customisable so you can change which apps are where with a few movements of your fingers.


The virtual keyboard works well and has good word predictions built in. You can set the keyboard to remember three languages. For those using their Blackberry for business it is worth pointing out that the copy and paste options have been built in well and work surprisingly well.

In all Blackberry OS 10, as featured on the BlackBerry Z10, is an excellent operating system that brings Blackberry handsets into the 21st Century. The design and functionality are impressive and have resulted in a polished and good looking system that’s easy to use.