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The BlackBerry® Z10 is the first model featuring the new BlackBerry® 10 operating system. The new BlackBerry® operating system offers an amazing new interface and features to smartphone users.

BlackBerry World

This is the latest Operating System designed by RIM features the reliability and security of previuos OS, but with an advanced interface. BlackBerry® Balance allows you have applications and dedicated areas on your phone for Personal and Work use. The all new Music and Film area, called BlackBerry® World, allows you to access the latest music, movies and games directly on the new BlackBerry® Z10. With 16GB of internal memory on the BlackBerry® Z10, you will easily be able to carry as much content as you need.

Connectivity made easy

The BlackBerry® 10 operating system improvers usability when browsing the web on the BlackBerry® Z10. Pinch to zoom technology and screen swipes will allow you to easily view rich web content. Full flash support on the BlackBerry® 10 OS means that you can view the latest content on all Flash compatible websites. With 4G connectivity on the BlackBerry® Z10, you will have the facility to browse the internet at super fast speed and download content such as music and videos.


BlackBerry® have included clever options for taking pictures on your new BlackBerry®  Z10 smartphone. Camera with time shift allows you to take several pictures and then adapt the finished pictures with the best face shot. The technology behind this amazing new feature by BlackBerry® keeps the image looking sharp and professional.

BlackBerry Keyboard

BlackBerry® handsets have historically had a physical QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry® Z10 brings the experience of a QWERTY keyboard to a touchscreen interface, allowing easy input with predictive text and swipe features, making it quick and easy to write emails.

BlackBerry Z10 Tech Specs


4.2 inch


8 Megapixel


2G, 3G, 4G LTE







What's in the box?

What’s in the box?
BlackBerry® Z10 Handset
BlackBerry® Battery
BlackBerry® USB Cable
BlackBerry® Mains Charger
This handset is covered by a full 24 month manufacturer's warranty.