IRIS Scanners are the Future of banking

Over 20 million Brits are now banking online, with Mobile phones being the device of choice for managing your money. As our reliance on online banking has increased, so too has the need for higher security.

Mobiles started off with 4 digit PIN codes and progressed to the embedded fingerprint scanners prevalent in most devices on the market. Manufactures are now developing security measures further, with the current IRIS scanning technology and facial recognition rumoured to be appearing on the iPhone 8 next month. The biometrics used in Iris scanners contains 266 unique characteristics compared to the fingerprint’s 60, allowing it to offer ”an unparalleled level of cyber security.”

iris scanner

A report from the Telegraph has stated that TSB will be the first bank in Europe to allow its mobile customers to unlock their account using a mobile iris scanner.

From September, TSB customers who own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be able to simply look at their phones to securely access their account.

“As well as a more customer-friendly approach to identification, iris recognition is also the most secure method of authentication available today. We want our mobile app customers to continue to have a fast, easy-to-use experience; iris recognition delivers that and, when combined with our other security measures, an unparalleled level of cybersecurity.” - Carlos Abarca, TSB’s chief information officer.


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