Watch the official BlackBerry KEY2 Teaser here.

The official announcment of the BlackBerry KEY2 is just a fornight away and our VIP Preorder registration list is showing that this looks to be the release of 2018.

Specification speculations have been circling, but here’s what the teaser video confirm:

  • Dual Cameras:  We may not know the megapixel count, but the video shows the dual rear camera as being one of the newest updates on the KEY2.
  • The addition of a new key in the bottom right of the physical keyboard. This feature was originally seen on the Weibo leaks, and whilst the video does confirm the additional button BlackBerry aren’t giving away its function. Some suggest the key will launch an app drawer, others are suggesting it will be a remake of the BlackBerry Button found on the Bold and Curve phones.
  • The Keys appear to be flatter than the original KEYone, with increased spacing between the rows of keys, giving a modern update to the classic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard.

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