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Comparison of the new Sony handsets announced at IFA 2014
Saturday, September 13th, 2014
Comparison of the new Sony handsets announced at IFA 2014

One of the largest product announcements at this year’s IFA was by Sony when they unveiled the highly anticipated Z3, alongside the Z3 compact and Sony’s entry level Xperia E3.

Not sure which is for you? Read on to find out the details:

Xperia Z3:

As with its Z2 predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z3 runs on the same Snapdrogon 801 chip, with 3GB of Ram and 16GB of storage. The 5.2 inch screen is also unchanged and as before, the Z3 is fully waterproof.

However, we were pleased to see that Sony has offered enough improvements to make the upgrade worthwhile. The Z3 showcases a stylish, rounded metal frame, with special nylon corner caps for added protection for the aluminium frame. Battery life has also been improved, with a claim of a two day life.

The camera remains the same, at a whopping 20.7 MP, but ISO sensitivity has been increased to 12800 on the camera, with Intelligent Active mode that helps minimize movement blur during video recording.


The biggest draw to entice an upgrade is aimed at gamers. With the Xperia Z3 you can play PlayStation 4 games on the device, if paired with your PS4. Transferring your existing PS4 games to your Z3, not only allows gaming portability, but frees up the TV for the rest of the family.


Xperia Z3 Compact

Despite being thinner and lighter than the Z3, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact offers almost an exact match for the features provided on the flag-ship Z3. Users will enjoy the same processor, GPU and storage, as well as a 20.7MP camera with increased ISO sensitivity.

The main difference between the handsets is of course size. The Z3 compact houses a 4.3 inch screen (which is still larger than the iPhone 5s). RAM is also reduced to 2GB, which isn’t enough of a downgrade to impact hugely on performance. Other than that, the Xperia Z3 compact is a good competitor for its big brother.



Xperia E3

The Sony Xperia E3 is a budget smartphone which bears a 4.5 inch IPS display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processer (at 1.2GHz), 1GB of RAM and Adreno 305 GPU.

We were pleased to see that despite its budget label, the handset runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and offers users an acceptable 5 mega pixel rear camera.  Sony’s own photo and video editing app is a fun feature for those who love to share their snaps on social media.

A entertaining little feature on the handset is Sony’s ‘shake to start’ app that allows users to customise shortcuts to access apps at the flick of the wrist.


All handsets are on pre-order now  and are expected in to stock end of next week.

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Pre Order the Nokia Lumia 735
Thursday, September 11th, 2014
Pre Order the Nokia Lumia 735

Nokia is meeting the selfie fans full on with the new Nokia Lumia 735. With its 5 megapixel front facing camera specifically built for taking images of yourself,  it has a wide angle 24mm lens making selfie groups easier to capture. It also features the Lumia Selfie app which has a slimming option and the ability to make teeth whiter and eyes bigger.

The Lumia 735 is a sleek well built device with a smooth matte plastic back panel which is curved all the way around giving it a good feel when in the hand. The rear cover is removable making it easy to change the colour of your device. It arrives in bright green, orange, white or black.  It has a 4.7 inch 720 x 1280 OLED screen and weighs 134grams making it a light portable device.

This latest devise from Nokia, the Lumia 735, runs Windows Phone 8.1 together with Lumia Denim and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. The Lumia 735 has 8GB of built in storage and has 1GB RAM. And what’s more Microsoft are providing a free three month Skype unlimited subscription with each device.


You can pre order the Nokia Lumia 735 Sim Free online now from Unlocked Mobiles.

Get ready for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
Get ready for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

There’s not long to wait for the highly anticipated Samsung Alpha smartphone, due to arrive into stock very soon.

Offering a design which has already been compared in style to the iPhone, the Samsung Alpha offers a satisfyingly solid metal case, a welcoming upgrade from the plastic offerings of the S5 mini. At 6.7mm thick and surrounded by this stylish metal frame the Samsung Galaxy Alpha feel sleek yet substantial in your hand. Powered by a quad core 2.5GHz processor and running on the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS handling is also smooth.

Another feature which leaves the Samsung Galaxy Alpha fighting against the iPhone 5s is the inbuilt finger print scanner hidden under the home screen button. However, Samsung have trumped Apple with the addition of a range of fitness applications S Health which work well with their inbuilt heart rate monitor.

A 4.7 inch HD Super AMOLED screen with a 720p resolution allows for clear and impressive web browsing, gaming and photo viewing. Even with the remarkable screen offerings, you won’t be disappointed with battery life, thanks to the 1860mAh battery hidden inside and the Ultra Power Saving Mode allows for an even longer battery life.  Switching the screen from colour to black and white, whilst turning off all non-essential services on the phone and compatibility to the Galaxy Gear Fit, Gear Live and Gear 2 wearables leaves you with enough battery for vital usage.

The combination  of a 12 megapixel rear camera with the 2.1 megapixel front camera  makes it a perfect device for capturing photos, videos and selfies for social networks as well as crisp and clear video calls. However, you will be limited on the amount of data, including photographs, you save as the phone offers 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, but no microSD card for memory expandability.


We certainly think that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha Sim Free is worth the wait, pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

Pre Order the Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Thursday, September 4th, 2014
Pre Order the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 4. The new device has several improvements over its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3.  The Note 4 has a better display, an improved camera and better security thanks to the fingerprint scanner.

The new Note 4 is available in black and white but also in Bronze Gold and blossom pink and as with the S5 the new Note 4 is dust and water resistant. The note 4 looks very similar to the Note 3 and has the same 5.7 inch screen with a metal band surrounding the display.

Samsung’s Note 4 has a built in UV sensor which will give details of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. As part of Samsung’s S health system the device will give details of the strength of the sun before exercising and will warn users if they are getting too much sun.

The fingerprint scanner on the Note 4 features Screen Lock, Private Mode, Account Verification and PapPal payments.  With 3GB RAM, the device has 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot up to 64GB.

With a 3220mAh battery, the Note 4 has new fast charging capabilities. From empty battery to half full will take just 30 minutes and with lower power consumption you can expect up to 7.5 % increase in battery life.

The Note 4 has a 16 megapixel front camera, with optical image stabilisation, together with a 3.7 megapixel front camera. The front facing 3.7 megapixel camera has an f1.9 aperture. You have the option of tapping the heart rate monitor on the back of the device as a dedicated selfie image button.

As with all Note updates, the S Pen stylus has been much improved on the Note 4. The pressure sensitivity has doubled making it more sensitive and responsive to pressure and speed. There are two new pen styles available, a calligraphy pen and a fountain pen. And with Smart Select you can easily collect and save information. You can then drag and drop the information into an email or into your Scrapbook. If the information was obtained via the web browser the device will retain the details.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sim Free is available to pre order now online.

LG G Watch Unboxing
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
LG G Watch Unboxing

You wear a watch not only for function, but also to make a statement to others; as the finishing touch on fashion it were. So, when it comes to Smart Watches, will you favour fashion or functionality?

With Apple being slow on the uptake, Android and Tizen watches are taking over the market with Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Gear 2 Neo and LG G Watch already proving a popular choice for our consumers.

lg g watch box 1 a

The fashion conscious of us are, however, most excited about Motorola’s highly coveted Moto 360. With its round face and mixture of stainless steel and plastic (steel for the case, plastic for the back) it proves more aesthetically pleasing and more wearable as a style accessory as well as a piece of tech. With specs that live up to Google’s impressive wearable software and a fashion forward circular design, Motorola appear to have achieved the balance of style vs function.

If you can’t wait till the estimated September 4th release date of the Motorola Moto 360 , LG’s offering in the form of the LG G Watch is a good option.

With a 1.65-inch LCD IPS screen and a resolution of 280 x 280 it’s slightly bigger than the 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display of the Samsung Gear Live, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. But Samsung’s watch sports a sharper screen with a 320 x 320 resolution. The LG also comes through with a slightly larger battery, 400mAh vs Samsung’s 300mAh.

What’s in the box:

 lg g watch box 2 a

The LG Smart Watch may not offer the fashion credentials of the Moto 360, nor the impressive calibre heart rate monitor of the Samsung Gear Live, but with Google’s impressive software on board, and importantly for a wearable – a better battery life than the Samsung Gear fit, it’s a promising piece of kit.

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The New Doro Liberto 650 Flip Phone in Stock
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
The New Doro Liberto 650 Flip Phone in Stock

Just launched by Doro is the company’s first web-enabled feature phone, the Liberto 650.  The sleek and stylish clamshell device is so easy to use. Simply make or answer a call with a simple flip.

Featured on this device is a 2 megapixel camera and web browser to enable you to visit your favourite web pages and check emails. You can keep up to date with the news weather and  listen to FM radio.

The Liberto 650 comes with large well spaced buttons and large text which makes the device easy to use for the visually impaired. It also has a dedicated voicemail call button together with an assistance button which allows you to connect directly with family and friends in case of an emergency. This is a function which allows you to store vital medical information should it be required in an emergency, offering peace of mind for both the user and families. The device also has advanced settings for users who may be hard of hearing as it features Hearing Aid Compatibility and produces strong vibrating signals to alert the user of a call or message.

The Liberto 650 is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable, robust and easy to use device which is both budget friendly, uncomplicated and provides a wide range of features.


You can order the Doro Liberto 650 Sim Free online now from Unlocked Mobiles.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be announced tomorrow
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be announced tomorrow

In less than 24 hours, Samsung are expected to announce the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and if it surpasses the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 we are more than excited.

Rumours are already circulating the mobile world, with the handset expected to be made with a metal edging on the sides, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, with metal made elements and a perforated design like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Leaked images also hint that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be relatively large in design, close to the current Galaxy Note 3 model with an expected screen size of 5.7 inches.  The resolution is believed to be increased to 2560 pixels (QHD), a rival for the impressive LG G3’s supreme screen, and with a Super AMOLED display.

It is believed that Sasung’s TouchWiz interface in the latest variation will be on board, as well as Multi Window and an S Pen optimized feature. Swipe features are likely to be included, as well as a rumoured Smart Fingerprint and Ultra Power Saving mode.

As with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Note 4 will likely to house the Samsung Exynos 5433 chip, with at least 3GB of RAM.  Storage should be 32 gigs, with microSD card for extra storage and there is apparently a 16MP camera, with a 3.7MP front-facing camera.

Even more exciting is the news that Samsung have hinted of an integrated retina scanner for improved security. On the official Samsung Exynos Twitter page, the Korean manufacturer has shown an image of a generic handset, with an eye and detection reticule around the iris. Alongside the image was the message ‘Unlock the future’.


Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds tomorrow for news on the official announcement as it happens.

The Blackberry Passport Sim Free is a phablet for business class
Saturday, August 30th, 2014
The Blackberry Passport Sim Free is a phablet for business class

Named after its Passport like proportions, the Blackberry Passport has us all sitting on the edge of our seats.  The handset has already been crowned the go to ‘phablet for the business class’ thanks to the combination of the Blackberry Passport’s  physical keyboard with a 4.5 inch square 1440×1440 LCD display. This winning grouping not only boosts efficiency and productivity for business users, but will also attract gamers , media lovers, architects and designers alike.


The unusual square proportions of the handset is proving to be a marmite moment, you either love it or hate it. However, the shape and size of the screen is apparently a cleverly thought out plan to further boost our productivity. Blackberry have explained how academic research has allowed them to offer the optimal number of characters on the Passport’s screen to make it the go to device for reading e-books, viewing documents and browsing the web. They have removed the worry of portrait or landscape modes to ensure we won’t miss a thing.  ‘The Passport is like the IMAX of productivity, and you don’t have to sacrifice screen real estate, vertically or horizontally.’

blackberry-passport-phablet (2)

The dimensions of the device have yet to be released, but we know it to be larger than the Blackberry Q10 and the Blackberry Z10. But fear not, Blackberry have promised a palm and pocket friendly feel despite its predicted large proportions.

Inside the Passport is 3GB RAM with Adreno 330 OpenGL and quad-core Snapdragon MSM8974 processor. More on this will follow over the next few weeks. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up as we delve further into what the Blackberry Passport has to offer.

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Register to Pre Order the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch
Friday, August 29th, 2014
Register to Pre Order the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Samsung has announced a new wrist wearable device, the Gear S.  And what’s more a smartphone is not needed as the new device has built in 3G connectivity. It can connect to 3G or 2G networks on its own so that calls and notifications can be received without having to rely on a phone. Calls can be made and received and you can send and receive messages on the new SmartWatch. As the device has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can of course revert back to using the watch paired alongside your smartphone.

The Gear S has a 1.0 GHz dual core processor together with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and a 300mAh battery, which should provide up to 2 days usage.  The device is powered by Samsung’s Tizen operating system, which say Samsung is more power efficient than Android.

The device does not have a camera but does come with a standalone music player. The stylish curved display has a rectangular resolution of 360 x 480 and can produce a QWERTY keyboard when needed. The device has 2 inch AMOLED screen and is a conventional watch shape. It has interchangeable straps for you to mix and match according to your taste.

samsung gear s blog 500

You can register your interest in the Samsung Gear S SamrtWatch now.

The Battle of the Circular Smartwatches is on
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
The Battle of the Circular Smartwatches is on

Motorola have claimed to offer the first ever circular Smartwatch in the form of the Moto 360. However, LG are putting up a fight with the rumoured unveiling of an LG circular Smartwatch at the IFA 2014 in Berlin next week.


Rumoured to be called the LG G Watch R, the watch will join the LG G Watch and be the company’s second Google Powered Android wearable. LG uploaded a teaser video earlier this week, showing glimpses of the wearable including several interfaces such as a compass and step counter.

Terms such as ‘round the bends’ and ‘perfect circle’ confirm the devices circular design  and it is also suggested that LG are planning an OLED display for the new smartwatch, rather than the IPS LCD of the first LG G Watch.


We have also spotted a few Samsung patents that describe round smartwatches, so LG aren’t the only ones chasing the ‘stylish’ Smartwatch label.  Samsung are, however, yet to confirm the existence of such a device leaving the door widely open for LG and Motorola to take the lead.

Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook and Twitter throughout September to stay up to date with all the IFA announcements as they happen.