Apple have the World Cup Fever. How to use your iPhone to keep up with the beautiful game.

If you’ve got your hands on any Apple device, from the iPhone X to the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll be glad to hear that Siri has updated her Football knowledge in time for the World Cup.


Apple’s voice feature Siri already offers valuable football knowledge for oner 26 countries, answering questions about scores, match times, rosters, and much more. However, Apple are expanding this has support to an additional nine countries that are playing a major role in the World Cup festivities, including Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

Ask Siri questions like:

  • When does England play Belgium?
  • Who is the captain of the England squad?
  • Who won the Argentina-Iceland match?
  • What teams are in group D?

Fans of football can also keep up to date with the world wide tournament on Apple News or enjoy special playlists form all 32 nations on Apple Music. Additional football content has been added to the Clips feature.


The football fever doesn’t stop there with Apple Podcasts and iBooks adding featured curated collections, called “The Beautiful Game.” Shows like Jetty’s “Game of our Lives” and Gimlet’s “We Came to Win” will talk about the drama off the football field, as well as traditional, established sports podcasts like “Men in Blazers.”


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