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‘The Child Guardian’

The Low Cost GPS Smart Phone for children & parents


 Delivering safety, security and parental peace of mind.


The Lowest Cost GPS Tracking smart phone designed for child tracking is now available in the UK.


The ‘Child Guardian’ GPS tracking smart phone allows parents to pinpoint their child’s location in real time with ease. The Child Guardian’s sophisticated software allows a parent to pre-configure SOS calling, phonebook entries & restrictions, incoming & outgoing calling and text restrictions. The phone also features Geofence perimeter limitations.  The Child Guardian is the smart choice for a child’s smart phone.




Utilising GPS positioning technology, a parent can track their child using Google Earth, Microsoft maps or a subscription service.


Emergency Dialling


The Child Guardian GPS smart phone integrates two SOS buttons, one on either side of the devise. By holding in these two buttons for three seconds, the device will immediately call and text up to 5 pre-configured telephone numbers, initiating a distress signal.


Parental Control


Parents can pre-configure the Child Guardian devise to receive or call specific telephone numbers. This can also be applied to text messages.


Geofence Zone


A Geofence Zone can also be activated on the handheld smart phone in order to alert a parent if the child moves outside a specific zone pre-configured on the handset.




Pinpoint location:


Use Google Earth, Microsoft maps or join our Subscription partner who can provide you with a personal management admin panel, tracking reports and added value tracking services.


Summary of Features


GPS function for real time Tracking Smart Parental Control features Speakerphone to avoid Handset Radiation Quiet Mode for school hours Simplified master keypad Pre-setup Emergency dials Pre-setup Guardian dials GSM Tri-Band 900/1800/1900 Unlocked for use on all UK networks

Please note: This phone is £169.99 Sim-Free (offline) for use with freeware such as Google Earth.


For tracking subscription, prepay cards and pre-configuaration services please call customer services on 0870 7565 314.


Fees are sumarised below for value-added tracking services.





Cost (GBP)

 One-off Activation Fee for online tracking subscription.



Basic Guardian Tracking.

12 Month Subscription. Last 5 Points.

Admin Panel and Maps.


£29.99 per year

Advanced Guardian Tracking.

12 Month Subscription. 30 day history including reports. Admin Panel & Maps.


£39.99 per year

Pre-Configuration. Including full devise operational setup & pre-pay sim card.

(Excludes Subscription & Activation Fee)



Please note: refunds are not available on this devise.